Tutorial (Make a simple cubic model)

Let's compose a simple cubic structure model step by step.

Simple cubic structure model to compose in this tutorial, which consists of 8 corner spheres and 12 edge sticks.

1. Create a new model

Move to "Home" tab-page on the sidebar and choose "Create a new model" in the function menu. An empty model is prepared. Click "Rename" and enter the model name "Simple Cubic".

2. Put the first ball item

Move to "Ball" tab-page and choose "Append" in the function menu. As a popup appears, confirm "0 0 0" is entered in "Position" text-box and click "Apply".

Popup window to append a new ball item to the model.

2. Append more ball items

Repeat ball-appending process for positions "0 1 0", "1 0 0" and "1 1 0".

Half-done simple cubic structure model. Four ball items were put in bottom.

3. Duplicate ball items

You need to append four more ball items to complete cubic corners. Although it is possible to append one by one manually as above, but make it done at once by "Duplicate" function this time. Select all ball items in the list and choose "Duplicate" in the function menu. Enter "0 0 1" to "Translation" and click "Apply".

Popup window to duplicate ball items. Half-done simple cubic structure model. All the eight ball items were put by duplication.

4. Draw sticks

Turn on "Edit" toggle button to enter Edit Mode. In Edit Mode, you can make a stick item directly by pointer-dragging one ball to another on 3D View*. By connecting a corner ball to its neighbor, draw all twelve sticks required to compose a cube. Turn off the "Edit" toggle button when finished.

*When you want to rotate the model during Edit Mode, use two points swiping (or mouse dragging with middle button down).

Drawing a stick directly on 3D View

5. Adjust model offset

Cubic structure is made up almost all successfully. Let's finish it by adjusting model offset so that the model can rotate symmetrically around its body center "0.5 0.5 0.5" instead of current "0 0 0". Choose "Matrix" in the function menu on the "Ball" tab-page. Enter "-0.5 -0.5 -0.5" to "Offset" text-box and click "OK".

Popup window to configure matrix that is to be applied to ball positions. Finished simple cubic structure model

6. Done.

Move to "Home" tab-page and try exporting graphics in various format. It would be cool to post the best shot picture to your favorite social media to astonish your friends or colleagues. Don't forget to attach a nice comment to praise or otherwise to recommend Ball & Stick app then. Thanks in advance.