Ball & Stick

Ball & Stick is a viewer/composer application for special purposes of rendering three dimensional models consist of several series of spheres and sticks, such as molecular models, crystallographic structures or other similar models. The app's GPU accelerated high performance graphics rendering system allows you to handle not only small models but also large cluster models (typically including several thousands of objects) without facing quality or performance degradation.

Methane molecular model rendered with Ball & Stick viewer application Zinc blende crystallographic structure model rendered with Ball & Stick viewer application Get it from Microsoft

What you can do with Ball & Stick:

*Ball & Stick is available for Universal Windows® Platform. PC, tablet or another kind of device running Microsoft® Windows® 10 is required to use the application.
*Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Ball & Stick models

Ball & Stick app just defines following two object types for model parts;

By giving ball & stick data, the app renders perspectively projected three dimensional view that you can rotate or zoom on screen. If you want to display your own model in the app, you need to have numerical data set of all ball coordinates at least for input. For details of model making process, see Tutorial in Documentation or watch the video.